Portable Cassette Grill Boiler Card Magnetic Gas Stove

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This is a very useful and high quality electric air induction gas station in the shape of Portable Cassette Grill Boiler Card Magnetic Gas Stove. The electric motor allows you to place your fuel on and off and is also a great tool for making quick meals or camping trips out there.
2900W Mfg/Ceramic - G Fits: Camping (Hot top)Field Stove, Outdoor Picnic Gas Stove Used For Barbecue Cookware

Brand Name: BETOHE
Grill Type: Gas Stoves 13.4in x 10.6in x 3.15in
Safety Device: Flame Safety Device
Safety Device: High Pressure Protection Device
Safety Device: Oxygen Depletion Safety Device
Feature: Easily Assembled
Feature: Easily Cleaned
Feature: Piezoelectric Ignition
Metal Type: Aluminum Alloy
Finishing: Porcelain Enameled 
Model Number: YQX1766TA