Changing Tent Outdoor Mobile Pop Up Tent for Portable Shower SP

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  • Lightweight

Lightweight and private high-altitude pop-up tent with side windows for easy access to airflow and better visibility to the outside. At the same time, it can provide reasonable privacy for the public when camping or lazing on the beach.

Ultra-light structure, and equipped with a bag, easy to transport.

  • Sunscreen and waterproof

The surface of the tent reflects sunlight to block harmful ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting users from accidental scorching sun. It not only prevents direct ultraviolet rays, but also prevents light from penetrating, providing you with a safe and private space; at the same time, the tent is made of 210D thick waterproof fabric It does not seep water, has water resistance and the dryness of the internal moisture-proof cover.

  • Additional features

Our portable outdoor shower tent has built-in storage bags and clothes line. You can put some small things in it, such as mobile phones, wallets, etc. You can also hang clothes or towels on the clothesline. The rear of the tent has a rear window design, which not only allows the shower tube to extend in, but also can be used for observation and ventilation.

  • Multifunction

The portable privacy tent is very suitable for use as an outdoor toilet, shower tent changing room, and can also be used for fishing, bird watching and photography. No installation is required, so it is very suitable for camping, hiking and photography and other outdoor activities. It is an ideal refuge for open-air venues, beaches, woods, travel, games, parties, and performance activities. The enclosed roof design ensures privacy.


Base material: Oxford cloth

Inside/outside tent: 180T silver glue polyester cloth

Support rod: steel wire

Tent structure: single-layer account

Size: 120*120*190 cm/47*47*75 inch

Color: green

Weight: 1900 g/4.2 lb

Spatial structure: one bedroom

Waterproof index: less than 1000mm