1Pcs/Bag Spin Cast Bow Crossbow Casting Reel Spinning Reel Inner Line shooting Fish Wheel Built-in close

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This is a Cool-Buru Outdoors & Camping approved casting reel with high density fiberglass core and zinc alloy body.

The seat belt has 1 rung post for installing the cast rod and the headrest will support the rod from the rear. The reel seat belt can be easily removed to allow a quick and easy adjustment of the reel height, and it also allows a smooth ride. In addition to its size, this reel includes an adjustable clip that is ideal for holding heavy or medium weight tackle hooks and can be used as a personal prop at home, kayaking, shooting, boat or rock climbing.

Item No: Closed Fishing Reel
Net Weight: 150g
Main Boby: PLASTIC
Color: red/silver/orange/green
Line Capacity: 0.28MM/60M  0.33MM/50M
Speed Ratio: 3.1:1